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Welcome to Pension SVADOV ***
on the river Labe by European bicycle path.
(Seasonal operation ounly)

Tel.:+420 602 188 888

898,- Kč.
Cancellation free of charge.

Capacity 18 beds in single and multiple bed rooms.
Wardrobe, bathroom
(WC, shower), refrigerator, internet. 
Fanner or kettle on reguest.

Located in the little village Svádov,
5 drivemin. to centre city of Ústí nad Labem.

Check-in 4 pm - 8 pm     Check-out 7 am -  10 am.


                                                                    Our offer:

You can pay in Kč. or Euro.


  598,- Kč. room/night


  898,- Kč. room/night


1198,- Kč. room/night


1398,- Kč. room/night

The room prices are without breakfast! 

Continental breakfast (120,00 Kč. p.P.) can be ordered in advance.
Served from 7:30 am till 9:00 am 


Nice rooms of european standard.
Wifi Free.

Parking within the area of bicycles, motorbikes and sport boats. Free.
Place for smokers.



We are located on the Labe at international cycle path Prague - Cuxhaven,
on the right bank of the river Labe (river km 761).
Passenger ferry, and berth for sport boats.


                                                     Amenities nearby

Post office, grocery, farm fruit and vegetables, restaurants and pubs, homemade bakery, post office, and more (round 150m).

                                                       How to get here

Public transport, Train rail station and Historic train rail station (within 150m). 

                     Thank you for your attention and look forward to your visit!
                                               Couple Roland and Dana Gröschell.



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Pension SVADOV
40322 Ústí nad Labem-Svádov, Labská 118